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Watching the exhibition side "travel"

Date: 2013-08-05

Chongqing Morning News (Reporter Ling Qiang) magical Italian ice cream museum, the lively Venice Biennale, as well as European street scene ...... which we live very far away from the original scene, you can see in Chongqing.

Yesterday, the "Yuan Lian Milan photographic diary NEVA Exhibition" located in Chongqing Tiandi good thought On Shin Art Museum, an exhibition of young designers NEVA Lim captured nearly two hundred photographs.

"I do not pay attention to the subtleties of photographic technique, there is no common iconic landscape, and some just different countries, different cities, as well as some of the usual scene ignored by everyone." NEVA Lim told reporters, in her study of a years, she went to 14 countries, 33 cities, a total of more than 30,000 photos taken photographs, "I traveled all the time while walking, watching, while thinking, are shot in the process." Opening the exhibition is free and will last until the end of August 20,