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bayan168score:4.3 / 52016-11-16

Well, a little expensive
lengrong80score:5.0 / 52016-11-14

Hotel services very good. traffic is very convenient.
Railingscore:4.0 / 52016-11-03

Hotel location is very good, from the Bell Tower and the Muslim snack street close, some old hardware settings for the room, room was a bit strange, sanitation can also.
fatstonescore:3.8 / 52016-10-31

Formerly known as Japanese hotels, special television signal is not clear, are snowflakes, Deluxe is to use two small beds together, indirect gap a bit in isolation and uncomfortable. the facilities are old, feel not 5 star standard. price is not high. are good locations.
dudafengscore:5.0 / 52016-10-31

Good good good good good good
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