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Located in the heart of the ancient Chinese capital city of Xi'an,  the 5-star Grand Park Xi'an (Xi'an Junyue Chengbao Jiudian) faces the south gate of the ancient City Wall and is an ideal base for business,  leisure and sightseeing.    

An ideal place to meet,  Grand Park Xi'an includes a 440-sq m (4, 736 sq ft) pillarless ballroom accommodating up to 480 people.[View Detail]     

住客评论 2354条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • bayan168
    Well, a little expensive
  • lengrong80
    Hotel services very good. traffic is very convenient.
  • Railing
    Hotel location is very good, from the Bell Tower and the Muslim snack street close, some old hardware settings for the room, room was a bit strange, sanitation can also.
  • fatstone
    Formerly known as Japanese hotels, special television signal is not clear, are snowflakes, Deluxe is to use two small beds together, indirect gap a bit in isolation and uncomfortable. the facilities are old, feel not 5 star standard. price is not high. are good locations.
  • dudafeng
    Good good good good good good
  • buganma
    Very good hotel
  • Judy623
    In addition to the toilet it for three days and three nights, others are very good.
  • agno3
    Foreign-related hotel in hotels at once, even the front desk had a foreign friend to work there. breakfast is rich, very close to the Metro, convenient. Service staff was very helpful, staying still send cookies. hotel the lobby most of the indoor patio looks very impressive, panoramic elevator well with its patio setting.
  • Jeremy1978
    Opposite the ancient city of Xian, an excellent location.? Impressively, domineering and bright lobby, a five-star standard, next time will stay in XI ' an.
  • Jesse Cui
    Very easy and very good location
  • e00584358
    Slightly older equipment, others are good ... friendly, breakfast OK
  • pylean
    Good good good
  • lxdwgw
    Hotel is near the Bell Tower, downstairs for dinner is too great, very lively, suite rooms are large, hotel is relatively old, outdated facilities, but take the old man to go, choose convenient transportation is the preferred and the rest secondary.
  • ansuleo
  • e00078365
    Great location, out the door is the subway station, next to the Palace department stores international outlet stores, is North of South Gate Plaza, very beautiful. Unlike within the walls of the hotel Street the number of visitors is very noisy. Grand Park Xian Hotel Castle style, Valley of elegant, there's teams are quiet is my type. Hotel buffet breakfast is recommended, due to miss the breakfast in the morning to pack, packaged varieties are very satisfied with the quality. Hotel facilitiesOld bathroom exhaust fan does not work. but I still like balancing the overall environment and location Grand Castle.
  • jenniferlb
    In addition to the older accidents, poor WiFi, so equipment I gave 3 stars, transportation, environment, as well as sleep experience is good, so is 5 stars.
  • DSB0915
    Nice, very convenient
  • a033400
    Environment, health, looks good
  • e05998774
    Very good choice! location particularly good, facing the wall, very convenient. hotel services are good, will stay again. and praise one!
  • Ellen28
    Easy to clean and comfortable
  • alex2000_55
    Hotel is quiet, convenient, service is good, the only fly in the ointment is the surrounding less living facilities
  • daguofeng
    The room's too small, and have a good health service is an established five-star hotels
  • msy001
    Around Nice, design is very good, is the first five-star hotel in XI ' an, in general good.
  • jerrysca
    Good environment is also, well worth the price
  • e00157986
    Service is very good, is too old furniture and appliances, air conditioning was loud, the hotel's architectural design is very unique
  • yuwen7400
    Hotels in addition to the price of the five-star, outside the restaurant service, and other domestic Samsung identical, very disappointed
  • flying1231
    Veteran star. the scenery is very good
  • principessaa
    Just stay.
  • fiona3163390
    Very good location, close to the yongning gate, Metro station near the hotel, walking 2, 3 minutes from the drum tower Muslim snack street railway station, hotel staff is very good, the only pity is that facilities are too old, carpets are dirty, toilet facilities are also very old, hope to be improved.
  • juliexu2011
    Good location, nice
  • leoayu
    Internal structure is a bit like Singapore hotel style, overall, is the car in the parking lot for the night were rubbing a bit, didn't find out why, Northwest folk customs are awesome!
  • Jomily
    Hotel location very very good, on in Gates outside, side Shang also has a Wangfujing department store. but parking too broken, stopped a night train on dirty of with what as. Hotel internal is compared old school of structure, with Beijing of VIP floor hotel as, so will has many room is no window of. room in of facilities also relative old some, but WINS in clean. out out, clean comfortable most important. price although slightly your, but still worth recommended.
  • Bitious
    Hotel old point, transport makes up for this deficiency.
  • e01256141
    Hotel location is very good, Metro 2 minutes. opposite the South Gate, night light is very beautiful. but the 11 Hotel wedding, firecrackers exploding in the window in the morning, sleep, in the hope of future improvements.
    Good, good location
  • balanceman
    Good location. transportation convenience. Services. very good.
  • listen
    Convenient window visible wall of well
  • ct9080
    Good location, Xian bei get off to transfer to the 2nd Metro yongning gate A2, hotel facilities, it's quite new, important is clean, good health, next to Xian will also take into account this
  • Baby News
    In General, small rooms
  • M00069599
    Hotel too old, the renovated. currently only location advantages.
  • fredwing
    The location is very good, they go out the subway. in the room you can see the South Gate, night show. breakfast is very rich, quality needs to be improved. right next to the Wangfujing department store, eating can be solved.
  • giggs50
    High-end hotel atmosphere, location, directly from the high speed rail station take the subway to the yongning gate can. opposite the hotel is the Ming dynasty city wall sites, one stop to the Bell Tower and drum tower from yongning gate, where there are Muslim snack Street, there are a few old halal restaurant.
  • xrc23792231
    Good location, is the city center, downstairs is Line 2 subway line, near the Golden Arcade and Wangfujing Mall. foreigner reception good, staff polite and enthusiastic but China wooed. nice!
  • courely
    Whenever friends come to XI ' an, lived here
  • bailangyiyi
    Apart from the price a little expensive, others are good
  • caodagang
    Good location, very convenient, nice
  • cyrilxiang
    OK, nice
  • Jenny Wu
    Nice location, facility slightly old but clean
  • dd449429396
    Shop location. facilities as a five-star reluctantly. Gate Street was converted into a one-way street, take a taxi to orbit. taxis are stationed at the door to pick (airport long distance), day guests must walk into the streets and blocking vehicles. the Ministry of Commerce, front desk, Concierge and restaurant staff are very kind and polite.
  • cuijinju
    Environmental service prices are good, location was very good.