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40 foreigners driving 21 RV For customs arrived in Xi'an

Date: 2013-08-06

"We are driving RVs, experienced half across Eurasia, is to understand the culture and customs, we would become good friends." August 4, from Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, 40 European friends, family as a unit, driving the 21 car entry from Mongolia arrived in Xi'an, will begin its three-day trip. Get off, face to greet the Younger performers, Germany Ralph, Lucy couple while introducing the purpose of their trip, while excitedly and actors twisted up.

Yesterday, 16:40, 21 RV long row of the team, along geese outanane drove south to north route, vehicle drivers are high nose "foreigners", the face of such scenes, the people who give the phone kept taking pictures, room car drivers and passengers are kept waving passers interaction. When the time came to Yanta Road, East Road Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel on the square in front of festive suddenly heard the sound of gongs and drums, Suona Sheng, a dozen dressed in costumes, wearing a white towel Yang Du actors and actresses stepping on drums, hands kept waving fans, umbrellas, full of Shaanxi regional style Younger welcome friends from Europe.

When a limousines into the hotel on the square, the "foreigners" who jumped off the car, rapid integration into the Younger team, exciting twist up with the actors. Perhaps this is rarely exposed to Yangko performances, some of the sense of self is very difficult to follow the twisted side while foreigners thumbs praise Younger twisted old Shaanxi well. Younger special dance accompanied by upbeat drums, suona rhythm, let foreigners see curious, in the lively Yangko performances, a couple walked into Younger performance teams, two people hugging each other, danced their own dance.

RV inside what it really is? Ralf from Germany very enthusiastically took reporters came to his car, I opened the door to let reporters on the train to visit. Into the compartment floor, suddenly went into a kind of a sense of family warmth. Front of the car for the driver bit and placed a circle of small sofa in the middle is a square dining table, central compartment is a small kitchen with a refrigerator and sink, next to the wash room and toilet. Compartment floor space is the biggest piece of Ralph and his wife Lucy's bedroom, the whole car is set on a large wall cupboard, versatile, living in the debris are collocated on the inside, so that the "Little House" appears neater.

Ralph told reporters that he and his wife driving car, adding to the European Touring Car World Tour team, with Germany, Audley, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other countries, friends, the end of April, from Berlin, 10 days ago by Russian immigrants Inner Mongolia, China, from Inner Mongolia, pass through Hebei, Beijing, Shanxi, Henan, Shaanxi, Xi'an arrival, this will launch in a three-day trip, it will go along the Silk Road in Gansu, Qinghai, and Xinjiang from leaving the country. Total residence time in China 41 days, the entire 6300 km. They undergo six months, across Eurasia, the whole will total will reach 30,000 kilometers, is to know the country along the way, to understand the local culture and customs. The oldest of them 70 years old, the youngest 40 years old.